Queen V - Business Manager


Veronica "Queen V" Bell was born and raised in Prince George's County and SE Washington, DC. With family throughout southern South Carolina, Atlanta, New York and Texas.  All which may explain her royal hood-diva disposition, coupled with southern hospitality to warm and welcome others with open arms. A Godly proud mother of two youth adult men, raised to be productive men in this society and to walk in the admiration of the Lord.  She a supervisor, human resources management and analyst with various law enforcement federal government agencies for over 25 years.


 She started her motorcycle life adventure in 2005 on sportsbikes within Suzuki family. Her current chariot of choice is a sportscruiser, Suzuki Boulevard 1500 M90. She enjoys "FRAMILY" gatherings, shopping with a purpose, television/video productions, adventures, action, comedy, and suspense movies, jazzercise, dancing, roller skating, traveling, foreign made cars and bikes, watching football games, and riding the biggest baddest roller coasters she can find. A tomboy at heart, yet groomed to be a true lady.


 She believes our youth are our future; and therefore, invest her time in serving them and assisting at risk youth as a mentor with various churches and DMV community programs. A passion to sow seed in young girls to assist them in life's transformation into womanhood, as virtuous women to recognize their value.   Her government name, Veronica in Greek means, "Onewhobringsvictory". Hint, the name Queen V. Her praise (her swagger), is her weapon.   She's a firm believer that the road to success, equals no turning back with Jesus in the center. 

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